Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Total team luck points through the playoffs

by Bruce D

Team luck points = (bad luck points)-(good luck points), so negative numbers are the luckiest
For a more in-depth explanation of what "luck" points are, go to a previous post here.
Luck is tracked to better analyze a team's true ability and to help predict results of upcoming games where some may not know what portion of a team's record and points performance was due to just luck.

Points for(+) the unlucky team, are the same amount of points against(-) the lucky team.

Luck points are valued as follows:

punts blocked=3
fumbles lost=2.5
field goal miss/block=2.5
punt returns for a TD=4.5
ko returns for a TD=4.5

SeasonTeamAll SeasonLast Game
2010   nwe -87  
2010   atl -49  
2010    pit -38  
2010   bal -34.5 -7.5
2010    phi -22.5 2.5
2010   chi -21.5  
2010    gnb -20.5 -2.5
2010   nyj -19.5 2.5
2010    kan -7 7.5
2010   ind -3.5 -2.5
2010   sea 10.5 0
2010   nor 15 0

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