Sunday, September 25, 2011

Luck Points for the New Season

by Bruce D

Team luck points = (bad luck points)-(good luck points), so negative numbers are the luckiest
For a more in-depth explanation of what "luck" points are, go to a previous post here.
Luck is tracked to better analyze a team's true ability and to help predict results of upcoming games where some may not know what portion of a team's record and points performance was due to just luck.

TeamAll SeasonLast 2 GamesLast Game


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion:

"Luck points" suggests these are the net points gained due to luck, not the net points lost due to luck. I would suggest changing the sign.

Bruce D. said...

To all,

This luck table is through week 2 only.


I agree that the negative luck can be confusing.

The reason it's negative(as I'm sure you know) is because good luck in the past can't equate to good luck in the future, and these "luck points" may show an indication of how over-rated a team may be in the opinion of some who don't know how muck actual luck was involved in a team's past performance.

I'll set it to whatever the majority would like to see.

Bruce D.

James said...

I vote for changing the sign.

Bruce D. said...

+ for good luck it is!

The majority has spoken.

Ed Anthony said...

The signs will be changed in subsequent posts.


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