Saturday, October 31, 2009

Most QBs over 350 yards

In Sunday's (10/18/09) games six QBs threw for over 350 yards (Roethlisberger 417; Schaub 392; Flacco 385, Brady 380; Brees 369; Rogers 358...Garrard almost made it seven with 335). I can't imagine that has happened often, but I didn't hear any of the Sports Show talking heads mention this. Does anyone out there know how often this has happened before?

Ed Pandolfino


James said...

According to pro-football-reference, that has never happened before. I found five days where five QBs threw for 350 or more, but never six.

They are 12/19/2004, 9/26/2004, 9/10/2000, 9/13/92, and 10/21/84.

Anonymous said...

how about if there has ever been 3 QBs with over 1000 yds passing after 3 weeks!

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