Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Worst Passing Teams in the NFL

By Doug of Football Burrito

(Edit: I think Doug deserves a plug simply due to the name of his site. Sweet.)

A couple of the worst teams in the NFL at rushing the ball had pretty good seasons. How did the worst teams at passing do?

#32 Oakland Raiders

Not a good start for the worst passing teams. Oakland will be drafting near the top of the draft as usual and will stay there until they get more balance on offense.

#31 Cleveland Browns

A QB controversy over the 31st ranked passing attack in the league? This isn't exactly Joe Montana vs. Steve Young, they should ship Brady Quin and Shaun Rogers off to Denver for Jay Cutler.

#30 Cincinnati Bengals

Without Carson Palmer behind center the Bengals went from 250 yards passing per game in '07 to 150 yards passing per game in '08 with a 4-11-1 season to show for it.

#29 Seattle Seahawks

A West Coast Offense is not suppose to finish at the bottom of the league in passing. Seattle's receiving core was decimated by injuries last season and they should be much better this year.

All of these teams finished with 5 wins or less and while running the ball is a good formula for winning you also better have some balance on your team.


Anonymous said...

Is it noteworthy that Cleveland and Cincinnati play four of the games against two of the NFL's best defenses, in Baltimore and Pittsburgh?

Anonymous said...

they still would have sucked if we assumed they won 50% of those games.

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